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“The biggest Fantasy Football league, there is.”
Matthew Jermy (Chairman) 1994

Over 20 years ago, on Friday 25th February 1994 at approximately 9.30pm (after an evening at Scouts) two pairs of brothers sat down round a kitchen table in Ellingham, Suffolk, to begin the first ever super fantasy premiership auction.

The four participants were Matthew and Nicholas Jermy, with friends Colin and Ian Brown. Colin ‘Chubby’ Brown insisted that they had his favourite Friday Night comedy ‘Red Dwarf’ on in the background.

The chosen auction list came from a copy of the Sunday Telegraph sports pages, handed to 14 year old Matthew during the previous Christmas holidays by a 12 year old Ross Peggs. Young Peggs had enthused Jermy Senior about a national Fantasy Football League he had entered, and thought that our small band of friends should join in and compete against each other.

At a similar time, Fantasy Football League with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner had started broadcasting on BBC2, and in their format of the game celebrities had auctioned off a list of premier league players, so each player could only belong to any one manger. Jermy Senior decided that it might be something these two sets of brothers could experiment with, and so the super fantasy premiership was born.

Since it’s birth in 1994, the league continues to keep a slightly larger small band of friends in close contact. In the course of it’s history the sfp has churned out over 40 managers, with 11 different winners. It once spawned a second tier at the height of it’s popularity in 1997/98, along with league cups, 5ASide and 7ASide Cups and Inter-league competitions with the neighbouring St James Fantasy League.

In the early 2000’s, it ventured online with it’s own web site, to connect managers who had grown-up and were now spread out all around the country. During the 2006-2010 seasons it reverted to a National league format, but returned to it’s true roots with the auction format at the start of the 2011/12 season. That season featured the first player sale by Skype between Adam Walters and Ross Peggs, and 2012 went one better with Michael Lucchesi joining the auction live from Canada via the same technology.

Today it continues to be as popular as it was at the beginning, with the purpose of keeping that band of friends together being as important as the competition itself.

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