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  • SFP CUP 2020 DRAW

    15 Oct 2019

    The draw for the 17th SFP Cup has been made with 1st round games taking place this coming weekend.

    This year draw master Lucchesi took the pot of teams to the Singapore National Stadium, where Brasil took on Nigeria in an International friendly. Enlisting the help of Steven and young Marlow, the 15 teams plus a pool player XI were drawn out into two groups of 8. In a last minute twist to the norm, Lucchesi decided to mix it up and not draw alternate groups, but all of A first followed by all of B.

    Group A sees the holders Rob-O-Klopp take on one of the favourites Top Heavy FC. Draw Master Lucchesi may regret forgetting the name of the manager of Le Mons Lightning as his own Spartak team face Eli's men on the opening week also.

    Possibly the tie of the round can be found in Group B, as joint second place teams Jiangsu Munson and COBU 25 go head to head.

    Click here for the full list of fixtures.

  • Interview 1: Manager McNamara

    Can TOP HEAVY play their way into a title challenge?
    04 Oct 2019

    Top Heavy FC go into October as part of the top 4, after a fine September performance and A MOTM award to boot for manager McNamara.

    With a whopping 79% of their points tally coming from offensive players, could the Top Heavy’s commander in chief tinkered with last years tactics enough to make this years outfit genuine title contenders? The SFP Chairman thought it was time for an interview:

    Q1. Congratulations on your MOTM award for September. What's the mood like in the camp?

    [EM] We’re in a good place, our marquee players up top are getting plenty of points and the are now being complemented by our defensive unit .

    Q2. You are currently on track for a record breaking season, and with almost a quarter of the campaign gone you can't deny that you've put yourself into the position of a genuine title contender. Do you believe you can keep yourself in the mix over the coming months?

    [EM] Confidence is high and we’re aiming to keep challenging for what would be an unfashionable but well deserved first title .

    We’ve got a settled outfit but we will be looking to strengthen around Christmas when other managers begin to think of squad changes to help their various campaigns .

    Q3. It's the second season you've tried the Top Heavy approach, and this year you seem to have got it right. How does this years squad compare to last years?

    [EM] I think the fact we have a competent defence and a starting keeper is really the difference this season. Keeping a dribble of points from our keeper and back 3 or 4 depending on fixture is what’s keeping us in the hunt. The likes of Mahrez, salah , Aguero and Perez really don’t need much said about them. They are points machines and I think the worry for the teams around us is that all four of them are yet to have an on day all together . When that happens we could be looking at an 80/90 point week.

    Q4. Who do you see as the man to beat this year?

    [EM] For me it’s still Rob dale. The guy is a born winner. He’s tactically astute and has an eye for a bargain.

    There isn’t much I dislike about the man really. He’s got it all. No disrespect to nick jermy but I think our biggest challenge will end up coming for Rob.

    Q5. Random one, would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

    [EM] I mean this is the kind of question you wait a lifetime to be asked , thanks.

    I won’t pretend that I haven’t thought about this a lot in my lifetime and it reminds me of years back when my old stable mate Eli earl posed the question of who would win in a fight between a T -Rex and a JCB.

    But to answer you your question , I would take on the 100 duck size horses. It’s going to be carnage but I fancy my chances.

  • Manager Of The Month

    01 Oct 2019

    Manager McNamara capped an impressive month with his Top Heavy FC by collecting the September manager of the month award.

    Mahrez and Aguero contributed most of the points haul and sees McNamara hold a top 4 spot going into October.

    Running him close to the September award was Pritchard Senior, who after 4 weeks at the bottom climbs 5 places to 10th. Managers Peggs and Walters also found points easier to come by in September then the previous month.

    At the other end of the spectrum, it’s an unfortunately similar story for Baynes Senior, as Perdoc Byzeusthains fail to build on a reasonable start to the campaign and begin to head south. Biggest surprise of all is the shocking form manager Lucchesi who finds himself bottom of the form guide and bottom of the league.

    148Inter Your'middle'mum FC
    119Dukla Prague
    107Atletico Mūnson
    107The Flying Pigs
    103Olympic Marté
    102Le Mons Lightning
    96Perdoc Byzeusthians
    84Butt Kickers
    79AC Spartak Cheese
    78Wheeler 'Dier'lers
    61RasenBallsport Magicmen
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