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The Rules
1. The Auction, Squad Size and Formation

Every manager begins the season and starts the auction with £50 million to spend on a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 18.

On the 1st January, squad size can increase to a maximum of 20.

You can have as many players as you want from any team and in any position.

There is no longer a maximum for any position, except keepers (2). But your squad must consist of a minimum of the following:

At least 1 Goalkeeper
At least 3 Defenders
At least 3 Midfielders
At least 1 Forward

You must then have enough to play one of seven formations: 442, 433, 451, 532, 541, 352, 343 and 361

Defenders are just that - no full backs or centre backs.

At the auction, players are read out in position order. Beginning with goal keepers, every manager must purchase the minimum for that position before the auction moves onto the next position.

The entire list will be auctioned off once, and then the left overs for a second time at the end of auction. If more than one manager wants them, they will be auctioned off, otherwise they go for free. Once the auction is over, the transfer window will close and you cannot add to your squad until it opens again in September. (see below).

If anyone over-spends at the auction, they must return the offending player and any subsequent players back to the pool, and cannot fill the space(s) until September.

2. Scoring Points and The Scoring Week

The scoring weeks will run from a Friday to a Thursday night (inclusive).

+2 pts for starting apperance
+1 pt for substitute appearance
+3 pts for a key contribution
+5 pts for scoring a goal

SCORING PLUS POINTS - defenders/goal keepers only
+5 pts for a 60 mins or more clean sheet
+2 pts for a less than 60 mins clean sheet
+5 pts for a penalty save

-2 pts for missing a penalty
-3 pts for an own goal
-1 pts for being booked
-3 pts for being sent off

SCORING MINUS POINTS - defenders/goal keepers only
0 pt for first goal conceded
-1 pt for each additional goal conceded


To give managers the flexibility across a long Friday - Monday weekend of fixtures, all team selections should be done via the Whatsapp App.

Whatsapp is free and can be accessed from your phone or desktop, via wifi or 3G/4G. If you have no access at all, you can use it to do a screen shot or take a photo of a hand written team selection.

Each manager will have their own Group chat setup with the chairman for team selections, and they will be time stamped and set in a timeline together in the same place. We will both easily be able to see the previous weeks team selection too. This, hopefully, should usher in the new and long-a-waited 'Sunday selections’ rule.

What happens if there is a Friday or early Saturday match?

If there is a premier league game on a Friday night and/or 1245hrs on Saturdays, any players you have in those games need to be selected or dropped BEFORE they kickoff. If not, those players remain in the status they were in the week before.

3pm Saturday

By 3pm Saturday, YOU MUST select a full starting eleven for the scoring week.

If you have players playing at 5pm, or on the Sunday or Monday, you must select them by 3pm on Saturday. You will have the opportunity to change them before they kick off.

5pm Saturday.

If you picked someone to play at 5pm and then you change you mind and want to swap them for somebody else in that match or for a Sunday game you may. But you cannot retrospectively drop anyone. So, if you picked someone for 3pm and they scored low, were injured or failed to come off the bench that’s tough. You picked them, what happened, happened.

What you can do though is make a decision about any other players you have left in this game and the following weekends games.

Sunday and Monday games

If you picked someone for these games and you wish to change them for someone else who is yet to play in your squad, you may. But again, it must be done before the kickoff of their game.

What if someone I picked was left out of the match day squad?

If a player you picked didn't even make an appearance on their teams bench, then you can change this player for any that you may have in subsequent games. But again, you cannot go back and retrospectively change your selection, and they must fit into a legal formation.

What if there were Tuesday and/or Wednesday matches?

If there are mid-week games then depending on the number of fixtures you have two choices:

If there is a full premier league programme, you must pick a complete XI on the Tuesday night which you can tinker with on the Wednesday in the same way you would on a Sunday.

If there are under five fixtures midweek, then these games will be treated as bonus matches to the weekends scoring, and unless a player you picked didn't make the bench at the weekend, you cannot make any changes.

What if I forget to pick a team?

If you do not submit a new team, or if you submit a partial or late team, it will stay as the previous week. However, you can still make amendments to any players who still haven’t played that weekend, if you’ve enough left in your squad to do so.

What if I pick an illegal formation?

If you pick a formation other then those permitted (442, 433, 451, 532, 541, 352, 343 and 361) your team will revert back to the previous weeks formation.

The player/s that do not fit the previous weeks formation will be the one/s to be dropped, and the players that did the previous week will be switched back in. For example, if a defender is selected to replace the previous weeks midfielder meaning the formation changes from 433 to 523, that defender will be the one who is removed and that midfielder reinstated. And as above, you can still make amendments to any players who still haven’t played that weekend, if you’ve enough left in your squad to do so.


Manager to manager deals can take place at any time during the season, from the end of the auction until midnight 1st February.

Pool transfers (players taken from the pool of non-signed players) are limited to certain months of the year.
The windows open and closed in the following months:

AUGUST - closed
OCTOBER - closed
DECEMBER - closed
JANUARY - open
FEBRUARY - closed
MARCH - open
APRIL / MAY - closed

When bringing players in , you are no longer limited to the squad restrictions - you can have as many players as you want from any team and any position, as rule 1 .

If you want to bid for a player from the pool, you need to register your bid by email or text before 8pm on the Wednesday of that week.

There is an email address for sealed bids, which will send itself to a secret folder on Matthew's email that won't be touched until each wednesday at 8pm. It is sealedbids@thesfp.co.uk

Managers are limited to listing a maximum of ten players from eth pool each week.

You can only take each named player from the pool once during a window. This is to stop manager using the pool as a squad extension. If they are still available in the next window, you can take them in that window, but again only once.

With your bid for that player, you can either just name the player or put in a maximum monetary bid. A bid is a bid and cannot be retracted. You can only bid using money you have at that time. If bidding for more than one player in one week, your money must be divided between all players. So if you have £5m to spend and bid for 3 players, you could put in one bid of £3m, one of £1.5m and one of £0.5m.

If nobody else puts in a bid, you get him for free.
If two or more managers also bid, the highest bidder will be in control at £100,000 above the second highest bid.
The top 3 bidders will then have one more opportunity to put in a NEW MAXIMUM BID. The rest will be eliminated.
The player will again go to the highest bidder, at £100,000 more than the second highest bid.


So an example might be:

5 managers put in bids for Player X.
Manager 1 puts in a £1.5m bid
Manager 2 puts in a £1.9m bid
Manager 3 puts in a £2.0m bid
Manager 4 puts in a £3.5m bid
Manager 5 puts in a £8.0m bid

Manager 5 will win the first round at £3.6m, but nobody will know how high his maximum bid was. Managers 1 and 2 are out of the bidding. So the remaining managers are informed that the bid stands at £3.6m with manager 5 and are invited to either up their maximum bid, or to drop out of the bidding.

Manager 3 puts in another bid of £5.0m
Manager 4 puts in another bid of £6.5m
Manager 5 puts in another bid of £8.0m

This time, Player X goes to Manager 5 for £6.6m.

Should Manager 5 decide they no longer want that player, even though they won, they lose that money and the player then goes to the 2nd highest bidder at £100,000 above the 3rd highest bidder.

If you want to bid for a new player that enters the league, a similar process begins proceedings by entering A MAXIMUM BID FOR THAT PLAYER. Other managers can join the initial bidding up until the Wednesday after the player officially signs for a premiership club.

After this a highest bid will be recorded as the starting bid for a mini-player auction between all managers (by group email) who have registered an inital bid. Auction ends when only one bidder is left in. Managers can try and sell other players in the meantime, within squad size rules, to raise extra cash. Auction must end by 8pm on the Friday after the Wednesday.

As soon as you sign a player, either from the pool or another manager, you must let the Chairman know who you have sold/released to make way. This must be done before kick off of the next scoring match for the player involved to be included in that week squad. Otherwise the original squad player will be used, or the player who played in that position the previous week.

When you sell a player you can do one of the following:
1. Sell him to another manager for whatever fee / fee + player(s).
2. Release him back to the player's pool. However, by releasing players back to the pool, you will no longer get any money for them. This is to encourage more manager to manager deals.

If a player moves out of the premiership in real life, then sfp managers will get what they paid in compensation.

Loan deals can now be arranged between managers. The two parties must decide for what deal, whether player exchange, for a one-off payment, or performance related monetary value.

The deal must last for a minimum of two scoring weeks, but if those two weeks roll into a closed transfer window the deal MUST roll into the next window.

If a loan deal is left open past 2 weeks without an agreed end date, any changes to the deal must be confirmed before 8pm on a Friday otherwise it rolls over into the next scoring week.

The owner of the player can decide if and when to terminate the deal if no time frame is agreed, as long as we are in an open transfer window.

Managers can only sign up to two loanees and have up to two players on loan at any time.

As this is a new rule, the committee reserve the right to adapt and change rules when deemed necessary.

This season, in the main sfp 11-a-side cup, players will be cup-tied during the Group Stage, and then this is wiped clean for the knockout stages, but players are then cup tied again from those rounds. If they have scored a goal for one team (including loan players), they cannot play for any other sfp team. However, if they have played in a cup match but not scored, they can play for another team.


Every manager gets an extra £15m to spend when they pay their £25 entry fee.

They will also get a further £10m at Christmas.


When there is a question about a rule, a rule break or a change to a rule, these are run past our three man committee.

The committee consists of League Chairman Matthew, Co-Founder Nick and the boy who instigated it all, Ross.

contact the chairman